Cheshire Dance

Cheshire Dance inspires and encourages people to create, learn and experience dance. Almost everyone dances during their lifetime. Their passion as professional dance artists is to work with people who want to dance, people who want to explore, express themselves creatively, socialise, learn about themselves and other cultures through movement and most of all, people who simply want to have fun.

For parents and tots, there are different dance groups all around Cheshire at various locations like street dance, professional, junior and youth, creative, contemporary, older adult, dancetime/storytime. The programmes change termly so sign up for our free dance groups brochure and keep moving.

Cheshire Dance Health Projects is a cross-generational dance project that aims to develop and push the boundaries of high quality art provision for older people. Through care support training, movement sessions and collaboration with primary schools, they aim to progress healthy, creative and social outcomes in this moment, amongst young and older people.

Sessions in the care settings have been running for over a year now and they have had so much fun. Combined sessions with the schools started in January and it has been wonderful to watch the generations interact and learn from each other, without any age discrimination between the ages, and that's why the project was created to achieve their set goals.

Cheshire Dance
t: 01606 861770