Bostock Silver Band

This is a brass band based in Northwich, Cheshire and formed in January 2003, the band boasts a membership of more than 30 players and is supported by a hardworking committee. Originally formed by Claire Powlson and Jo Curry, the Bostock Band is now making great strides to develop it's organisation based on a strong foundation of community, hard work and above all, fun. The band works to high musical standards with an emphasis on enjoyment through playing and socialising, whist the committee are committed to further strengthening the band's membership and extending performance opportunities.

They are pleased to announce a recent sponsorship association with Poplars Farm, Free Range Eggs. Paul and Sue James, who own the local company, have followed them for some time now. The sponsorship has allowed them to recently undergo a whole new look, with a full new uniform, website and logo, as well as providing them with a new selection of music so they can expand their horizons. Poplars Farm has been supplying eggs to around the Northwich area for over 15 years. They supply high quality free range eggs to Sainsbury’s and ASDA and local businesses, and they are extremely happy with the new association with the Bostock Band.

Bostock Silver Band
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