Physical Folk

Physical Folk aims to bring local communities together through theatre and performance related projects. They are a collective of artists and theatre makers. The company's first project involved bringing an historical prison in New Zealand to life for local children and visiting tourists. More recently they filled a village theatre for a re-invented cabaret version of some of Shakespeare's best known scenes, a piece of an imaginative storytelling about a young man living on the fringes of society and an explosive piece of physical theatre about the Holocaust. They produce, direct, write, design, perform, teach theatre in all forms to as wide an audience as possible.

Physical Folk Manifesto ​

Creating theatre for thier audience to lose themselves in.​ Professional theatre that takes you on a journey down rivers, along country roads and through the door into people's lives. Transforming intimate spaces into different worlds. Handling material that is both entertaining and thought provoking.​ ​​

Developing the community's access to versatile theatre.​ From Shakespeare to contemporary writing, comedy to tragedy and physical theatre to music. An eclectic array of work that excites and invigorates the imagination.

​​Celebrating people and their stories.​ From star-crossed lovers to pantomime dames. People on the margins of society and the pillars of the community. The weak and the strong, the poor and the rich, the imprisoned and the free.​ ​​

Passionate about participation.​ Welcoming people into theatre through taking part in community productions, gaining new skills in classes and workshops and volunteering at events.​ ​

Encouraging community co-operation.​ Strengthening community bonds by creating a platform for discussion. Creating events where different age groups, local organisations and individuals can all work together. ​​

A continued commitment to both developing the company and the work. Being brave, taking risks and listening with an open mind. Approaching work rigorously and in depth. Extending their knowledge and skills for the benefit of the the audience and in community.

Physical Folk
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