Just Add Water (Theatre) Company

They believe in the power and importance of sharing stories through dynamic blends of physical theatre, puppetry, music and vocals. They create intense, visceral experiences to engage, evoke and challenge an audience to ask questions.

They believe that work with a strong foundation in technique, training and discipline can facilitate a lucid, organic and always evolving creative process that is experimental and pushes the boundaries of theatre and our own theatrical practice. They are always curious and searching for meaning and truth within stories, perspectives, cultures and ways of life.

They use physical theatre, dance, martial arts, percussion, poetry and vocals to explore our own personal life experiences and the world around us. A constant search to release our deepest drives, fears, passions and loves.

Edinburgh Fringe Reviews:

"Coming across as something between cabaret, sketch show comedy, improvisation, dance and story-telling, the fears and issues which dominate the lives of many performers (and dramatic types) are explored by this likeable ensemble. Fusing so many elements into one hour, they skilfully skip through the various genres they encompass."

JustAddWater Theatre Co.
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