Folka Theatre

Folka Theatre is a company that specialise in narrative, devised physical theatre.

Founded in 2009 by Felicity Goodman, this company aims to create imaginative and innovative theatre which is accessible to people from all sorts of backgrounds.

At Folka Theatre they relish stories. From grand old Victorian novels to fairy tales retold to the stories that happen in the town you live in. They absolutely love them. They tell the stories that they most want to tell at the time they create them. They tell stories about People. Their lives, loves and losses. They tell stories physically, vocally and musically. They tell the stories that keep them awake at night, pluck at their heart strings, make them laugh till they cry and make their feet stamp at the outrage and absurdity that life can bring.

Folka Theatre's influences include Song of the Goat, Kneehigh, Shared Experience, Michel Gondry, Charles Dickens, Lewis Carroll, Brothers Grimm and humans everywhere.

Folka Theatre Manifesto

In the beginning there is the story. Its there at the middle and the end.
The story comes first.
They promise to tell the story in the best way they can. Serving the people whose story they tell and communicating the narrative in a manner that invigorates their audience's understanding of the story.

Letting Human Truth Speak.
They pledge to tell the truth, as they perceive it, in the stories they find. Even if it takes them months of work.

Minimal Environmental Impact.
Using recycled property to form their sets, props and costume where they can.

Giving back into the community.
Using theatre as a means of bringing people together and stimulate debate. Running workshops with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Commiting mind, body and heart to evoke frank discussion.

Folka Theatre